Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Quick Mod To Make Ski Goggles Mountaineering Capable

I got a pair of Smith ski goggles to make sure that blowing snow is not an issue when we tackle the 12,300-foot California Matterhorn at the end of this month,

While adjusting the straps this afternoon, I found that even moderate stress on the goggle straps caused them to pull loose from the clasp/buckle pieces that allow it to be connected at the back of the head.

Perhaps okay for the ski slopes, not for mountaineering.

So I punted on the existing clasps and opted for a reusable cable tie. A normal one would work as well.

So, I need to slip the strap over my head rather than buckling the ends. Not such a penalty for keeping the goggles from sailing off into the abyss.

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