Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aquamira: This Could Change Everything!

At $29.95 the Aquamira has a low acquisition cost. And low maintanance costs as well.
PLEASE NOTE: The bottle pictured in this post is by Aquamira. It is  branded "Divvy" as a giveaway at the recent  SHOT Show to promote theie heavy-duty emergency water supply for disaster support and recovery.
For years, I have carried an MSR Sweetwater water filter on my backpacks, and it's done one helluva great job for me. But it's relatively large, expensive ($90) .
MSR Sweetwater.

MSR says it filters 200 gallons of water. Replacement filters cost $45.

Along comes Aquamira and a whole line of products that turn things inside out. Their , 20-oz. bottle with an internal filter (pictured above) costs $29.95. The filters have a 100-gallon capacity. Replacement filters are $14.95.

Both the MSR and Aquamira use carbon filters in a plastic housing.

But the biggest inside-out difference between the two lies in where the dirty water goes.

With the MSR, the dirty water stays at the source and is forced through the filter with a hand pump. Clean water goes into your hydration bladder or bottle.

The Aquamira puts the dirty water in the bottle. You filter it by sucking it through the bite valve.

The lack of moving parts and associated pieces means that the Aquamira filter comes in at  4-1/4 oz. and the MSR at 13-3/8 oz.

That's basically a nine-ounce weight savings -- substantial for backpackers like me trying to put their load on a diet. Plus, re-fills take a lot less time. No long periods bending over in an awkward position next to a stream and working the pump handle.

I tested the Aquamira and found it did a great job even of filtering out the off-tastes in tap water. It doesn't take much effort to suck the water through the filter.

Aquamira's only issue is that it lacks a fill-level indicator. It's best to minimize contact with unfiltered water, so a fill line (which I'll draw on mine with a Sharpie) will prevent water from being sloshed out near the mouthpiece when screwing it in after a re-fill.

While a part of me doesn't like the idea of hauling around unfiltered water, the weight, time and cost savings have overcome that.

Aquamira also makes an inline filter for hydration bladders which I plan to test as well.

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