Monday, April 8, 2013

Unprepared = Clueless, Dangerous and Thoughtless

It's bad enough when people head into the wilds without experience, a plan and the keen awareness that Mother Nature will kill them without a second thought. But the people who do that, often kill or injure those dedicated to saving them.


True, the unexpected can happen to the best of well-prepared explorers.

But way too many rescues happen because of foolish, unprepared people who naively wander off the path without a clue about the hazards that await them. That includes those with experience, who know better, who take leave of their senses and do what they know they should not. Because they're not just playing with their lives, but the lives of others,.

I've written about this before:

I've done volunteer search & rescue. I am always happy when the naive and unprepared are saved from themselves.

I am also angry because the clueless are thoughtless.

This most recent case reported by the L.A. Times: Rescued hiker recounts his fear, hallucinations offers a detailed look at Nicholas Cerndoya, one of two foolish young hikers rescued this past weekend.


The very last paragraph of that article said:

"Cendoya also thanked the scores of people involved in the rescue operation, especially the reserve sheriff's deputy who suffered a severe head injury after plunging down a hillside ...."

I am more interested in the deputy. He's a reserve officer which means he is a volunteer and puts his life on the line for no pay at all. How is he doing? Who is he?

The rescue has stolen a piece of his life. Because two young people decided to act without thinking.

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