Saturday, May 4, 2013

Light, Easy, Comfy, Affordable: REI's Chrysalis One-Person Tent

I've been shaving weight off my pack for some time now and have been looking for a new lightweight, free-standing tent for some time now.

I've tried a bivy and don't much like being that close to scorpions, mice, curious marmots, bears etc. Also not crazy about the lack of waterproofing.

So, my requirements:
  • Free-standing because it's often impossible to drive stakes in the rock above the tree line.
  • Easy to set up, especially in the stiff winds above 10,000 feet that are always ready to wrap the tent around your legs or turn it into a kite.
  • Under 4 pounds including poles, stakes, footprint and rain fly.
  • Enough room to sit up, at least at one end, and,
  • Less than $200.
The Chrysalis is free-standing, weighs in at 3 pounds, 11-5/8 ounces and the easiest tent I have ever set up. The time-lapse video above shows me setting it up for the first time.

Once set up, it's snug but comfy and easy to set up in. But beware, I am 5'7" and just about fill the available length. This may not work for taller folks.

We'll trail test it in the Sierras next month and expand on this review.

NOTE: This is my first time using the OSnap! iPhone app to make this time-lapse video. That process will improve next time as well.

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