Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apologies For Brief Posts Recently

It's been one helluva busy summer what with visits from out-of-town friends, injury recovery, a new book, volunteer work with a SoCal law enforcement agency and a major expansion in my wine industry publication, Wine Industry Insight.

That's why the recent posts linking to several other relevant articles.

However, Tactical Trekker is getting back on track and I'll soon have some more hacks, tricks and gear reviews for you.

I'll leave you with one of this summer's distractions (from an Instagram Post of mine) that kept me from Tactical Trekker:

Long good visits this weekend with a good friend and his wife. 

He's a Chinook pilot with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment the "Night Stalkers" who fly the SEALs wherever SEALs need to fly. 

He's one of those chosen few pilots with nerves and skills of steel who guarantee their aircraft's arrival "plus or minus 30 seconds" regardless of weather or hostile fire. 

His wife of 21 years deserves a medal for more than two decades of sleepless nights.

He gave me this medallion, the unit insignia. It's a great reminder of having been in the presence of courage and intelligence. 

We all had a great time Sunday after tastings at Jacuzzi and Larkmead who gave us all SpecOps-quality hospitality.

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