Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cheap, Fast Access Firearm Security

I've had way too many opportunities to riff on the the three-year-old who blew away his baby brother with the loaded pistol left by his parents where he could find it. Or the "borrowed" or stolen firearm involved in a robbery or murder.

Those are not accidents. Those are criminal negligence. Not to mention stupid, clueless and unnecessary. And poster child moments for those who'd like to outlaw individual firearm ownership all together.

While I have gun safes and government approved, lockable carry cases, not everybody needs or can afford those.
And many people have the need for personal protection that can be accessed in seconds.

But anybody with a gun can afford a $7 trigger lock and a $10 steel cable. And with a combination lock, the weapon is easily and quickly accessible. 

The photos below pretty much speak for themselves and demonstrate a fast, cheap, effective and quickly accessible way to secure a firearm at home or on the road.

 The components.

The configuration.

I can dial-in the combination, remove the lock, insert the magazine and chamber a round in less than 10 seconds.

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