Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tool Logic Equipment Fail!

We often run across equipment that fails. At least the Brunton Solar charger we reviewed in September (Brunton Solaris 6 Solar Charger - Limited, Unsophisticated, Badly Supported) does most of what it claims even if the company fails to respond or fix the issues.

However, The Tool Logic "Credit Card Companion" doesn't just fail, it's worse than nothing.

I bought this because I thought it might make a good Go Bag item.

But the totally inaccurate compass could get someone killed if they were using it to find their way out of unfamiliar terrain. In the image below, actual magnetic north is at 10 o'clock. Not 4 o'clock.

And never forget that even if you always use your GPS, not carrying a map and compass (and knowing how to use them) is a big Darwinian step to being thrown out of the gene pool.


As the image above shows, the metal knife blade obviously affects the compass reading. But the bearing for north still registered at just under 2 o'clock no matter how far we moved the blade.

In addition, the lack of any sort of handle for the blade makes it awkward to handle and subject to slips and self-inflicted cuts. Proper design would allow the blade to attact to the "credit card" body and use that as a handle.

I've seen this priced anywhere from $11 to $25 but it would still be worthless if it were free.

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