Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fixing Leaky Asolo Boots

Bought these about six months ago, and really liked the support and fit for the mountains.

As you may know, we've had a drought in California and have not had much in the way of rain.

So the first time I wear them in the rain, the left boot leaks a little at the toe. Then leaks more. Soon the left sock is soaked. Just from falling rain, not from immersing it in a puddle or stream.

I've worn Asolos for years and never had that problem. So, I figure it's a seam in the Gore-Tex liner that didn't seal. I've applied two thin coats of Shoe Goo to all the seams, the lace cleats and the fabric at the very bottom of the vamp. I hope that solves the issue.

Now for some Nikwax to the entire boot and wait for rain.

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