Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Aquamira Frontier Pro Max personal water filter

Tactical Trekker is back following a devastating shoulder injury in early November 2014 that tore everything in my right rotator cuff -- all tendons torn, some 100% through. Bicep tendon damaged so badly it had to be cut and relocated on anchors at the top of my humerus.

Following that was major surgery, 6 weeks immobilized in a brace, 7 months of physical therapy and ... finally strength training which is putting me on course for a return to the Sierras in a couple of months.

That slowed TT posts down.

But here's the first new one in many months ... and I'll be keeping up a lot better from this point forward.

Almost three years ago, I hacked the Pioneer Pro water filter and liked the results very much: Hacking The Pioneer Pro Water Filter McNett Water Filter Hack = Crazy Good.

As it turns out, Aquamira, the company who made the Pioneer Pro, created a new model that is a cinch to use without needing the hacks I created.

Unfortunately, the amount of effort needed to suck water through the filter is far harder than with the original model I hacked.

So hard that this would not be suitable for warm or hot weather hikes where moderate to high water consumption is vital to stay hydrated.

I've emailed the company to determine if I somehow got a model that was defective. But I have not heard back.

I cannot recommend this new model. $49.99 SRP


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